Established in 1972 under the name of Al-Shams Insurance & Reinsurance Co. S.A.L., the company was acquired by BERYTUS Holding S.A.L. group in April 1995.

Upon acquisition, the new management:

  • Changed the name to BERYTUS Insurance & Reinsurance Co. S.A.L.

  • Increased the Capital and Reserves of the company to be completely in line with recommendations of the Ministry of National Economy and Trade.

  • Purchased new premises for the Head Office of the company in Achrafieh district, Beirut.

  • Branched out to Jounieh, Tyre, Aley, Tripoli and now is in the process of launching other branches in other parts of the country.

BERYTUS have always maintained a standard of excellence that is clearly seen in every aspect of our business. In today's accident-prone world, there is no room for gambling. that’s why BERYTUS offers a wide array of insurance policies to ensure that all your coverage needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


BERYTUS MARINE INSURANCE CO. (Ltd) established in CYPRUS as an Off-Shore Insurance Company, to accommodate the overseas activities of the company mainly in the Arab World in addition to the Worldwide Marine Hull and Cargo business.


        • Limassol, Cyprus

        • P.O.BOX 57113, CY3312

        • Tel: +357 2537 4567

        • Fax: +357-2537 4908

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